Booking and Cancellation Policy

By booking an appointment with Sarah Elizabeth, you are agreeing to my terms and conditions, including my 48hr Cancellation Notice Policy.

In booking an appointment you are acknowledging that I do not offer refunds. If notice is not given within a 48-hour time period before scheduled appointment, you may lose your treatment fee (unquestionably within the 24hrs before the appointment). However, I do understand that there may be circumstances beyond our control and where a refund may be considered.


Cleaning and hygiene procedures are put in place to enclosure cleanliness and prevention of Covid-19. I do a Risk Assessment before each appointment. Please inform me of any possible Covid-19 symptoms and rescheduling of the appointment will be made where appropriate. If between the risk assessment and your appointment you experience symptoms of Covid-19 or you have been told to self-isolate within this 24hr period, please inform me immediately (to avoid losing your treatment fee). If for any reason I need to cancel, I will give as much notice as possible and re-schedule your appointment.

Personal Information

The personal information I receive through email, Facebook, Instagram, website, and consultations are kept safe and secure, with procedures in place to protect against loss, misuse, alteration or theft.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are non-refundable. Gift vouchers have a 6-month expiry date and must be used within this time frame.


Once an appointment is booked, I will contact you with my policies, procedures and my full address.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero tolerance policy to any kinds of harassment, inappropriate behaviour, or abuse. Any forms harassment, inappropriate behaviour, or abuse may result in contacting the police.

 My Privacy Policy is in a separate page, I abide by the GDPR.